Why Vintage Gems?

I get asked all the time where do you find your material? I usually am asked by people if I would want the box of costume jewelry that they don't know what to do with. 

Custom work comes into play for brides for the something new, something blue, something borrowed theme. It's a sweet remembrance for the jewelry that you remember great grandma wearing but will never wear yourself. Bracelets re-jeweled into a headband or tiara, comb, or even several individual pieces used on hairpins add a unique touch to a day already packed with memories being made. Adding similar styles of jewels into hair pieces and headbands for the entire bridal party will bring out the cameras and the exclamations of "how beautiful!"

The magnets and glue used are of highest quality and strong. The magnets are small but extremely powerful.

You can contact me for individual work at: