Custom Pieces

Bring your family history to the 21st century and keep them wherever you are; HazyLu takes vintage necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and refashions them into timeless pieces for generations to come. Bring or send the jewelry to me and tell me what it is you want: wine charms, fridge decorations, bridal accessories, a gift to a family member; and then I get to work. I take the jewelry apart, clean all the pieces and begin the process of turning something old into something new. Read below to learn more about Custom Pieces.

Bridal Accessories

Thank you for entrusting me with the jewels you plan to wear on your special day. Below is a list of things to consider for bridal pieces. 

  • What is the color scheme for the wedding?
  • If this is a hair piece:
    • Are you wearing your hair up? If so, I recommend using a spiral pin or hair pin as they hold the magnets best. 
    • Could you be wearing a headband? This could be especially best for short hair. 
  • Wine glass charms can be gorgeous and very unique wedding favors. If you purchase wine glass charms from me, I will include clear, self-sealing bags with Use & Care Instructions.


Heritage Pieces

A heritage piece is something with sentimental value or comes with a long standing tradition. It is often fun to inherit such jewelry; however, changing economics, fashion and eras make it difficult to use in the jewelry’s original condition. Heritage pieces can be used as hair accessories or fridge magnets. Then you will be able to see our grandma’s jewelry any time of the day and keep those sweet memories with you. 

  • HazyLu does not work on appraised property, but the value I can add to your jewelry can be anything up to $15


Just for Fun

HazyLu magnets are all around fun. They’re magical in that they can be placed anywhere in your life, and start amazing conversations. Fun is letting your child have a jewel piece on their cup of grape juice because the adults have them on wine glasses. 

Below is a list of places you can add a little pizazz:

  • Chandeliers
  • Corners of a room on the wall
  • Closet borders
  • Metal Plates
  • In your hair- it’s a great conversation starter
  • Wine glasses or a cup of tea- they are even strong enough to be placed on mugs!

Special Note: Be sure to use caution when placing the magnets on your wine glass charms or appetizer plates. 

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Final Things to Consider:

  • Images are very helpful
  • What is your vision? Do you want fridge magnets, wine glass charms, bridal accessories, hair pieces? Will there be a need for metal work or the removal of metal? Uncertainty is an acceptable answer.
  • Consider how many pieces you currently have and how many you want to come from the jewelry you provide me. Be as specific as possible so that I have an idea about how many pieces I can turn your jewelry into. Often a necklace or bracelet can be turned into several pieces.  
  • Are you willing to let me be creative with the piece? For example, this could mean that a necklace sent to me can become anything depending on the structure of the original piece.
  • Many jewels are vintage, meaning they are extremely fragile. Pieces may be broken or damaged, or the paint might be chipped- but that is part of their charm. I am not responsible for the condition I receive the jewelry in; however I will repair them to the best of my abilities by adding bling or using pieces from other jewels to make your piece whole again. 
  • Customer is responsible for any postage used to send items to me, they will be refunded for that amount upon completion of the project.
  • A project will take 10 business days after I receive all the pieces. 
  • Video Chats are necessary for many of the HazyLu projects- especially for Bridal Pieces. This can be done via FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts.


The jewelry dictates the finished product. There’s no set practice to my methods, but in the end, HazyLu will be preserving and recognizing your family heritage. 

For more information, Contact me for a Consultation 

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