Custom Pieces

Bring your family heirlooms to the 21st century and keep them wherever you are; HazyLu takes vintage necklaces, bracelets and earrings and refashions them into timeless pieces for generations to come. Bring or send the jewelry to me and tell me what it is you want: wine charms, fridge decorations, bridal accessories, a gift to a family member; and then I get to work. I take the jewelry apart, clean all the pieces and begin the process of turning something old into something new.

Things to Consider-

  • Images are very helpful.

  • Due to the age of some jewels, pieces may be broken or damaged but that is part of their charm. I am not responsible for the condition I receive the jewelry in; however I will repair them to the best of my abilities by adding bling or using pieces from other jewels to make your piece whole again.

  • There’s no set practice to my methods, but in the end, HazyLu will be preserving and recognizing your family heritage.