Our History

The first item to ever be restored by HazyLu was an old, broken piece of jewelry found at a thrift store in 2012. It was gaudy, fascinating and bought on a whim. Determined to make something of it, I put a magnet on the back of the jewel and stuck it on the fridge. In 2017, turning old jewelry into something new motivated me to purchase a similar business in Idaho and rename it HazyLu, named after my grandmothers Hazel and Lulu. 

HazyLu is a small fashion boutique that brings vintage jewelry to the 21st century with high quality magnets. HazyLu makes beautiful and practical use of vintage jewelry and turns them into fridge magnets, wine charms, interchangeable napkin rings, and a wide variety of hair accessories. However, the real service is bringing and keeping someone’s memory to the modern day. More often than not, a customer will tell me that a piece reminds them of their grandmother, aunt or mother. They will say to me:

“She wore it to church everyday,” or

“I don’t remember a day she didn’t wear this,” or

“Oh, that one is so similar to the one she had.”

HazyLu provides a little bit of everything because each jewel is a brand new project. Unless they come from a set of earrings, a bracelet, or are charms on a necklace, no 2 pieces at HazyLu are ever the same. 

What some people see as a piece of junk, I see a unique story and opportunity.