Seven years ago HazyLu debuted as a tiny little labor of love in all things crafty to help a new bride battle the monotony of endless wind on a prairie where she had never lived before and battle of aloneness from not knowing anyone. It was the best growing period of life and obviously the most wondrous of learning abilities! Teaching herself how to sew, knit, crochet and create something from nothing became a game just to "see what happens."

HazyLu is a melding of two names- Hazel and Lulu- two wonderful grandmothers. One never threw anything away, clung to traditions of old in baking dishes on certain holidays, kept a diary of all happenings, wrote a book about the early history of the Flathead Valley, and passed on a love of creativity to me. The other threw out whatever was unnecessary for the time, redecorated every 2 years, made gorgeous items by china painting and took her grandchildren to water areobics to keep up with the trend of keeping in shape. So between the two, HazyLu was born embracing the old vintage darlings of tradition and melding with the pop of fun and newness. 

In 2017, it was suggested that HazyLu buy Re-Jeweled; a little business started by sister-in-laws who were lured into a antique shop one rainy Saturday and happened upon an abandoned treasure chest. A chance conversation and smidge of an idea lead to the creation of Re-Jeweled. Through time and change, enter HazyLu with fresh enthusiasm and ideas. Creativity, fun, and uniqueness just became a new and exciting adventure.

Welcome to HazyLu